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We Help You Achieve True Business Freedom

Our mission is to help you grow into a business owner that has a profitable and well-running business. Achieving this level of performance in your business is necessary if you want the freedom to enjoy life with those you cherish.
As a business owner, you steer the ship and navigate through the storms. However, there comes a time when the storm ahead derails you to the point of losing sleep.
In those moments, you have a choice. You can either abandon ship or make the decision to get help from someone that has already encountered, and successfully overcome the challenge you face ahead.
We recognize that it can be scary, especially if you've never encountered anything like it. With our help, we'll charge ahead and guide you toward clear skies and calm waters.

Our Approach

For over 30 years we've been running head first into the eye of the storm. From it, we've gained the confidence that gives clients peace of mind in tackling the challenge ahead.
The process may not be easy or comfortable but we promise that by seeing it through to the end with us, you'll not only overcome the obstacle, you'll become more confident as a leader and owner in your own abilities.
We forge enduring partnerships with our clients over time and through consistent proof that our focus from start to end delivers the results your business needs to get to the next level.

Gregory Zamora's Journey

After working his way up to running a $3M restaurant at the age of 21, Gregory has always embraced learning as much about business, knowing the numbers and creating the systems that make a business great.

There were plenty of nights where Gregory would spend hours upon hours calculating labor costs, food costs, liquor costs long before automated computer reports.
Only by knowing his numbers could he stay ahead of the challenges of operating a profitable business. He learned early on to tackle the problems head on to propel the business forward.
As his skill set grew, Gregory spent four years developing business plans and opening new Olive Garden restaurants throughout California. He then went on to oversee eight restaurants generating $100M a year on the Las Vegas Strip as the Director of Food & Beverage, prior to becoming the President of F&B for three different hotel casinos.
Since then, he's helped countless businesses overcome the business challenges through his caring and honest approach.

Jeff Kaminski

Jeff has over 15 years of Sales, Service, Management and Hiring experience. His main focus was the sports industry where he worked with companies to build out Hospitality, Premium Seating and Suite Packages for their businesses and train others to do the same.
For the last 3 years Jeff worked for Caesars Digital Sportsbook endeavoring to increase revenue from its top VIP players.

In 2016 Jeff joined the Golden Knights as an Account Executive to help start the franchise and contributed to 3 straight seasons of sold out games. In 2004 he graduated from the University of the Pacific with a BA in Sport Sciences. Jeff has lived in Las Vegas for 10 years and has a daughter who plays soccer at a highly competitive level.
With over 42+ years of experience transforming businesses, we help business owners maximize profits and streamline operations so they can reclaim their freedom.
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After working with us, business owners often report feeling more empowered and confident in retaking ownership of their business.

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