Business Consulting

Our team of expert business consultants can bring a new approach to how your business runs day to day. Let us help you build the business you've always wanted.

Tax Strategy

Strategic planning to help business owners keep more of their money.
Business Entity Restructuring
By restructuring your business, you'll unlock a significant amount of money based on how your business is structured.
Investigatory Financial Audits
Our team can identify whether you've been receiving fiduciary attention from your CPA and determine all money has been properly accounted for.
IRS Notice Resolutions
Contrary to popular belief, resolving issues with the IRS can be accomplished by following Sideline 7 Consulting's proven process.
Tax Strategy & Implementation
Let's reassess your tax strategy and identify areas of opportunity where we can save the business tens of thousands of dollars.

Operational Consulting

Strategic planning to help business owners keep more of their money.
Staff and Owner Development
We create cultures where owners are empowered to lead teams working in mutual respect towards a common goal.
Operations & Management
Let's work towards building a systematized business that operates smoothly, profitably and predictably.
Financial Systems & Controls
Let's ensure your financial systems are set up in a way that is conducive to a streamlined revenue-generating business.
Human Resources Support
Clearly define your policies, roles and responsibilities to ensure each team member is focused on their individual job description.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Have a more specific question? Reach out!
Call Us to Discuss More Details
(702) 548-4560
A quick conversation can help determine if we're a good fit for each other. We can also discuss your current challenges and identify a game plan.
References Upon Request
We're happy to provide a list of references you can call upon to discuss their experience as a client of Sideline 7 Consulting.
How long will the process take?
Each project can vary on the amount of time it takes to fully implement the solution. Problems that started small and have grown into big problems tend to take more time which should be expected.

The important thing as a business owner is to tackle the small issues early on before they become big headaches.
What can I expect during our first meeting?
During our first meeting, we will review your tax returns to quickly identify areas in need of improvement.

We will ask questions about your business to help us better understand the parameters that your business is utilizing.

From there, we will identify the solution to the problem at hand.
What type of ROI should I expect?
Clients typically can expect to receive a two to threefold return on investment from working with us. Although we can't guarantee those results, we are confident you will observe transformation from day one of strategy implementation that will continue throughout contract and beyond.
Will I be working with you directly?
Absolutely! I want to make sure that each client receives the benefit of the years of experience I have tackling the biggest problems that business owners face.

Why Clients Love Working with Us

Our focus is to build lifelong relationships with our clients through each encounter.

During our time together, you'll start to see for yourself why clients continue to hire us to tackle their next big challenge.
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Responsive & Available
Clients know first-hand that we are committed to each engagement from the beginning until the very end at which point success is secured.
Honest & Direct
We will celebrate the good news and never shy away from pointing out critical issues. It might not be easy to hear but we'll be there to support you through it.
A Team to Lean On
When time is of the essence, our team of consultants is here for you in the critical moments when you need us stat.
With over 42+ years of experience transforming businesses, we help business owners maximize profits and streamline operations so they can reclaim their freedom.
Are You Ready to Take Charge?
After working with us, business owners often report feeling more empowered and confident in retaking ownership of their business.

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