Hospitality Consulting

We have hands-on experience in starting and improving restaurants so they run smoothly and profitably. Let us help you take back the reins.

Restaurant Profitability

We help owners identify and rethink their approach to each facet of operating a successful restaurant / hospitality operation.
Liquor Revenue Optimization
We help you develop a successful liquor program to ensure long-term success and profitability for your restaurant.
Sanitation Systems Consulting
Did you know that 75% of issues in running a profitable restaurant stem from your sanitation program? Let us help you properly implement law bound sanitation systems protocols.
Recipe & Menu Development
Let's generate a winning menu that keeps customers coming back while ensuring bottom line profitability.
Business Plan Development
We work with owners and restaurants developing new concepts from the ground up for your next grand opening.

Hospitality Operations

Strategic planning to help business owners keep more of their money.
Staff and Owner Development
We create systems and processes that empower teams to focus on delivering a great experience.
IRS Reporting & Lien Resolutions
When time is of the essence and a looming issue threatens your business, we can help you overcome it.
Restaurant Partnership Issues
As an owner, do you feel out of the loop and tied down at the same time? Our team can plug in to take the wheel.
Human Resources Support
We assist in hiring, developing and ensuring that changes in staffing don't affect day-to-day operations.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Have a more specific question? Reach out!
Call Us to Discuss More Details
A quick conversation can help determine if we're a good fit for each other. We can also discuss your current challenges and identify a game plan.
References Upon Request
We're happy to provide a list of references you can call upon to discuss their experience as a client of Sideline 7 Consulting.
What types of restaurant/hospitality clients do you accept?
We primarily focus on restaurants that have an existing liquor license and room for growth.

We're able to work with hospitality groups managing multiple restaurants.

Have a need for a corporate dining program? We can help!
What would make my restaurant a good candidate for your services?
If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you've come to the right place.

- Is your restaurant making less than 20% profit?
- Is the experience of your customers inconsistent due to food quality or inconsistent service?
- Are you losing sleep over the fact that your current menu or chef isn't bringing in new diners?
- Do you wish that your restaurant would run smoothly allowing you to focus on your growth plan?
How is Sideline 7 Consulting equipped to help me with my restaurant?
Our founder Greg Zamora has 30+ years of managing restaurants and food & beverage programs generating between $3M to $50M in annual revenue.

His past accomplishments include:

- At the age of 21, Greg was running a $3M restaurant calculating his numbers manually in order to keep a close eye on day to day success.
- Consulting and managing the opening of Olive Garden restaurants in California
- Oversaw 8 restaurants at Paris Las Vegas generating $100M annual revenue
- Oversaw 6 restaurants at Flamingo Las Vegas generating $50M annual revenue

Why Clients Love Working with Us

Our focus is to build life-long relationships with our clients through each encounter

During our time together, you'll start to see for yourself why clients continue to hire us to tackle their next big challenge.
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Responsive & Available
Clients know first-hand that we are committed to each engagement from the beginning until the very end until success is secured.
Honest & Direct
We'll celebrate the good news and never shy away from pointing out critical issues. It might be easy to hear but we'll be there to get you through it.
A Team to Lean On
Our team of consultants is here for you in the moments that you need us and especially in the moments where time is of the essence.
With over 42+ years of experience transforming businesses, we help business owners maximize profits and streamline operations so they can reclaim their freedom.
Are You Ready to Take Charge?
After working with us, business owners often report feeling more empowered and confident in retaking ownership of their business.

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